How do you stay away from the scales

scalesI’m obsessed with my scale, almost as much as I am obsessed with food. I cannot stick to weighing myself once or twice a week. Sometimes I find myself weighing myself once or twice a day. It’s stupid. I know that women’s weight can fluctuate as much as a couple pounds over the course of a day, so all I’m going to do by weighing myself so much is discourage myself. I just can’t stay away. Does anyone else have this problem? Anybody have any suggestions? I cannot get rid of the scale for two reasons: it’s not mine, we live in my godmother’s house and it’s her scale. Also, I do not go to Weight Watchers meetings, I cannot afford to, so I would have to do my own weigh in’s anyway.


Are you online or meetings? If you attend meetings, get rid of your scale! There’s no reason to have one.

I’m actually doing the program on my own. I went to meetings two years ago, before the twins, but I can’t afford to go back since I’m a SAHM now. I would love to get rid of the scale, but it’s not mine, it’s my godmother’s, we live in her basement and it’s in the laundry room. It’s like I’ll get on there and depending on the result, I’ll either reward or reprimand myself, but it’s EVERY DAY!

Ummm. I have the same problem.

I try to keep myself as busy as possible. If it get bad I have my husband hide it until it is my day to weigh in. Really their isn’t a whole lot you can do. Will power if you can.

Yeah I had my husband hide mine too but he doesn’t hide it well! I always found it (well, I was looking for it) but most of the time I wouldn’t look for it. Mine sits out so its so much more tempting. So I would give it to someone to hold on to even if its LONGER than a week or two. Then, you will see even MORE progress and it will motivate you more:).

I’m sorry that you get discouraged.

I think I would ask my godmother to hide the scale, maybe in her bedroom closet. I personally get on my scale everyday, sometimes multiple times, especially when I have a lost because I want to see it again and again.

HOWEVER, if I gain, I gain; that’s life. I’m trying to readjust my whole outlook on eating. I weighed my final goal weight when I was 15 years old (I’m 35 now). so 20 years is a long time to “reclaim”. I can tell you that I’ve reclaimed 8 years in 6 months

either ask your godmother to move the scale OR have a serious talk with yourself and have it over and over until it sinks in.

I don’t own a scale, never have. I do online WW, and weigh in weekly at the Y. That keeps me away, since I don’t exercise there much in the summer.

I got my mother in law into Weight Watchers and she does the same thing. I tell her to get rid of her scale all the time. I think it truly comes down to, do you want to do the program and see results or not. If you are committed to the program then you will hide the scale, let the wonderful Weight Watchers people do there job and know that by working the plan(that by the way is proven to work as our way is not) you are doing yours. You know what you need to do it sounds like, and I am sure you are a strong woman with the ability to do it. I will email you every week if I need to, to get you to do it. I am as passionate about people getting healthy and doing it right as you and my mother in-law seem to be about weighing yourselves. Take care and YOU CAN DO IT! Dump the scale.

I have had the same problem.

I had to get my daughter to hide them. You weigh once a week anyway. If you are lifetime you only have to weigh once a mon. I usually weigh in every week to keep me on track. If it is low then I will count it. So do away with the scales.

My BIGGEST suggestion would be to get rid of the scale. Get it out of your house. You do not need one. Yes, they are nice to have. But, when you are obsessed then it is a bad thing to have one. Until you can control your red flag area, even the scale, you need to get rid of it. Besides it is easier not having one. Just try it. I think you will be glad you did.

I don’t. My OCD is the scale.

I do it twice a day. Once in the morning after the porcelain goddess and once after my PM cares (eat, shower, etc).

I can’t stand when people tell you to stop. I’d be crazy if someone tried to make me stop. I find comfort in knowing my daily ups and downs. Not knowing would drive me up the wall.