How Do You Stay Motivated With Weight Watchers?

Dont Give UPI have done Weight Watchers before and became a lifetime member. Now after having my second child I am having a VERY hard time getting motivated to do it again but really need to. I do OK for about a week or so then I go right back to my old ways. Any good tips on staying on track? I am going to Florida in a little over a month and would like to lose 10lbs by then really more but I am trying to set a good goal that I should be able to meet.


Try to find someone to do it with, that always helps, or give your self little rewards for say losing 2 lbs (and keeping it off) set goal for just the week. I try to keep 0 point stuff around so that I can munch on. My goal is to lose at least 2lbs a week(less if I have my friend come for her monthly visit) Make your goal realistic. And most important tell your self that you are worth losing lbs for so that you can be as healthy as you can for yourself.