How Does Weight Watchers Online Work?

weightwatchersonlineI need to lose some weight and I saw a advert on the TV for Weight Watcher Online but I’m not sure how it works. I have done normal WW – going to the meetings and stuff. Does doing it online help you with slimming as well as the regular meetings do? What exactly do you do online? Plus, does anyone know if you sign up online, does that automatically make you eligible for meetings also?



I actually use the online version exclusively, I don’t go to meetings.

I think it all depends on your personality, some people need the encouragement and support (and maybe the pressure!) of the meetings. I personally don’t. So I keep track of my weight and food online and it has worked for me.

The WW website has tons of tools to help enhance your meeting experience.  You can use the online tools to track your food/activity.  You can build recipes (punch in all the ingredients and it tells you the points).  You can print grocery lists.  It plans menus for you.  You can learn all sorts of info regarding WW.  You can get the recipes.  You can track your weight loss.  I think I could go on forever.

There is something called a “Monthly Pass” you can purchase at your meeting that allows you to attend as many meetings you want plus gives you access to all the tools.  Can I ask where you live and what type of meeting you are currently attending?  I run a traditional meeting and I also run 3 at work meetings (which are a bit different) so that might also depend on what you have access to.  The online program is great and Weight Watchers recognized there are many people that don’t have access to meetings but still want to lose weight.  You will just have to figure out the best way for you.  When I was losing I did both online & meetings.  Since I am a WW employee I get all access to the computer program plus now I lead the meetings!  :)  Win/Win!

I do Weight Watchers online membership only.

I don’t go to meetings.  I just don’t have time!  I started 2 years ago and lost 20 pounds for my wedding but have gained 15 of it back since.  I’m back on it now and starting my plan to lose the 15 and 5 pounds more.

How long does it usually take to lose the weight with this diet plan?

It depends on you.  Setting a time limit on losing weight isn’t the best approach. I started back with them in August and I’ve lost 27.4 pounds so far.

You just have to remember that you didn’t put it on overnight so it’s not healthy to get it off overnight (quickly).  The diets that offer quick slimming are typically not healthy and aren’t programs you can really stick with the rest of your life like WW is.

When you ladies started the program, and started buying the foods that they tell you to eat on the menu’s…how much did your grocery bill go up?

There are no “menus” or specific foods that Weight Watchers tells you to eat. You can eat anything (within moderation) that you want. There are no special foods to eat or buy. That’s the great thing with it. It’s a program your whole family can do and they won’t even know they are doing anything different necessarily.

My budget for food went DOWN when I started WW because I stopped eating out from the drive thru all the time and started eating at home.