How Much Does Weight Watchers Online Cost?

pound-coins4Does anyone do Weight Watchers Online? I am wondering how it works for you and also how much it costs. Are there any promotional deals available? I really need to get invloved and just keep putting it off. Also do you exercise or just eat better and use the point system. Thanks.


I do it online.

I paid £33 for the first 3 months, then it is £11.95 a month after that.  I find it pretty easy to follow Weight Watchers Online.  It was really easy to set up my account.  I have been able to search for recipes here also.  It tells you the points for just about everything.  If what you are looking for isn’t in there you can calculate the points for that item online.  I have also started to walk more since I started the program.  You just have to make sure and journal everything you eat .    I do eat better now and follow the points system.  I hope that helps.

I am an “online” chick too…but I have the monthly pass so I can go to meetings too. I pay £21.45/month for all access to the online program and the meetings. It is great! I have a leader for support and anything online too. I have to be accountable to someone so getting on a scale in front of another person helps me! I work out for 1 hour 5-7 times a week. I also go on walks about 4 times a week in addition to going to the gym. I have lost 45 lbs so far and am just about at goal weight. It has taken me 16 months but it has all been well worth it! I feel great and am actually excited for swimsuit season for the first time in about 15 years

I do the monthly pass so I have the meetings and the online.

My favorite thing about the online thing is the recipe builder. You put your recipe in, and it calculates how many points per serving! Its wonderful! Plus they have a ton of recipes listed so you can search for somthing really quick. I found a great turkey meat loaf that we all loved. I joined Weight Watchers Jan 2012 and lost just over 50 pounds. I have 2 more to go for my goal, and plan to hit it on next week when I weigh in, that is if I can be good this weekend. These last few pounds have been tough for me. I have been going up and down the same few since the new year, but I feel good and look good too! Yay!

I’m almost done with my 8th week and I have lost about 19 lbs to this point , next weigh is monday morning.

I do the WW online and pay monthly (£11.95).

There is so much support on there. I love it! It calculates how many points you need for your age, height and weight. It’s real easy to use. I exercise very little because of a chronic back problem. I started on Weight Watchers on the 10th of March and since then have lost 8 pounds. Before that I was counting calories and hit that wall and Weight Watchers got me to lose again. I’m sticking to this, so much easier than counting calories!