How Soon After Having a Baby is it Safe to Start WW?

babyweightWhen can I join WW after having my baby? I’m just wondering because I want to loose the weight from my second pregnancy and also from my 1st pregnancy but I want to do it safely


Part of that may depend on whether or not you are breastfeeding. Weight Watchers does have the extra points for nursing but it may not be a good idea to do that right away as you are trying to establish supply.Also exercise can be of a concern as far as post partum. I know when I had my caesarean, I had to wait the six weeks so that’s something to keep in mind too.I will say when I was nursing two things happened: one, I REALLY craved water, and two, I lost all of the pregnancy weight I had gained in six weeks. Now, admittedly, I still had a LOT to lose beyond that but it was nice to at least drop the pregnancy weight.

I don’t see a problem with starting right away

really, maybe I don’t know enough about Weight Watchers cause I’m kinda new, but say you go with the core plan which I’m going to be doing after my second child…Just eat fat free, no added sugar, low sodium or none. Eat until you are satisfied and no more. Eat only core foods of course.I mean I eat that way anyway, I don’t think it will effect your breast milk supply. Its not like your starving yourself (you do still need to eat like 2000 calories just watch the carbs). You’re really just eating healthy. I would eat like 5 little meals a day, and when you eat. Eat slowly and appreciate the food that goes in your mouth. I don’t see a problem. But like I said I’m new and I could be missing something here.

That is a decision that should be made with your doctor especially if there was any complications with the pregnancy, labour and or delivery.

I would definitely talk to your doctor

Everyone is different of course. ME… I’m having a C section in 6 days and I think Weight Watchers is a perfect start though because its not like you’re going to workout right away, your just basically eating good food, and then workouts come later around 6-8 weeks and even then your just walking for the most part. Bur we’ll see as long as you listen to your body, you can’t go wrong.

Definitely check with your doctor. He/she will know what’s best for you and your baby.

I’ll tell you the Truth

which I don’t think a weight watcher group is really going to do, What I say, is exactly what your Physician would tell you. You have to start working to get that weight OFF IMMEDIATELY. You can actually start while your still in the hospital, but definitely the minute you get home, and its by CALORIE REDUCTION. To be honest, I know, because it worked for me, there’s something going on with our bodies after birth, that’s in your FAVOUR, and if you do calorie reduction and lots of cold water, you will be so surprised how fast pounds will come off. My baby was fine.I dropped my pregnancy weight (all of it) before I went back to work 6 weeks later. People said I looked amazing, and I did.

Honestly, After my first was born I gained 25 lbs during my pregnancy and after I had her, I lost 35 lbs in 4 weeks post p. It didn’t even affect my milk supply one bit. I got skinny everywhere weighed 103 but my boobs were like double D (i can’t stand big boobs)… it was kind of gross but hey I dropped the weight and felt good and I had her vaginal delivery and didn’t start working out until I was 3 weeks post p. I didn’t starve myself, just ate healthy and never over ate.

Definitely not starve yourself

that’s never healthy. but don’t over eat. I find that if you slowly eat and appreciate the food that goes into your mouth you won’t eat as much and you will feel satisfied. If you can get your body used to eating 5 little meals a day, that’s really good. Like start the day with a protein shake you make yourself with berries and that will boost your metabolism good. More than anything really listen to your body, and you can’t go wrong.