Is My Thyroid Stopping Me From Losing Weight?

thyroidThis is not good at all. I weighed in last night and I gained 0. 8 lb, something is wrong, I’m sick of being disappointed every week and I’m trying so hard and no results? I’m going to the doc to get my thyroid checked. Sorry I have to vent, I’m very upset


Gaining, or inability to lose, is just ONE symptom of hypothyroid.

Do you have any others?

  • Are you eating enough?
  • Are you tracking carefully?
  • Getting your GHGs? Getting enough sleep?
  • Eating a variety of foods?
  • Watching your salt intake?

If all of this checks out, and you’re really following program, a number of things can cause this. Ask your leader for help, or go to the doctor. This is one of the first signs I experienced that made me realize I had medical problems interfering with my weight loss.

Not losing can be so frustrating.

How many weeks have you been on program? How much weight have you lost? How much do you have to lose until goal? When you say you are ‘trying so hard’ what do you mean? Be a little more specific and I will see if I can help you.

Ok. After you answer those questions. how many points a day to you get? Are you using all your points? How many weekly do you use? Do you track and use your Activity points? I would recommend you bring your journal to your leader to let her help you evaluate it. I often find one of 2 things in my weigh room when people aren’t losing like they think they should. the first thing is they aren’t weighing/measuring or tracking what they eat (Every bite) or they aren’t eating enough. they think if they are allowed to eat 26 points they will lose weight faster if they only eat 23. Weight Watchers has been around for 45 years. this program works because it has the science to back it up. They don’t say “You get 26 but we want you to eat 23″ for example. Now, I am by no means telling you that you do these 2 things. I am just telling you what I see often. Yes, please go see your Doc, tell him what you are doing, show him your journals, etc. And if it is your thyroid hopefully you can get it treated and move on. and start losing again.

When I got closer to goal I would go down . 8, up . 6, down 1lb, up . 8, down . 4, up . 2. it was frustrating but I was losing more than I was gaining. What did you weigh 12 weeks ago and what do you weigh today? If the number now is the same or higher than 12 weeks ago I would worry. if it is lower than you are doing fine. It isn’t going to happen ‘fast’. it might take a year or longer. but if you keep up with it the program does work.

Well I’ve been on weight watchers I think 12 weeks? I need to lose 40 more lbs to get to goal,when I say I’m trying hard, I mean that I’ve stepped it up with fruits and vegetables, I’ve joined the gym and I’ve been going three times a week and I’ve been drinking more water and I cut out diet pop. I get 26 points a day and yes I use all my points some times more but then I add those on to my weekly points. I never use all my weekly points, sometimes I don’t use them at all. I already had my leader check my tracker and she said I need more protein and to watch my salt. but I find it hard to believe I gained weight from that. this is with working out mind you. so with that being said, I’m not gonna eat lean cuisines so much and I’m gonna rev up my cardio to an hour instead of a half hour. if that doesn’t work then there is something wrong, I’m going to the doctor anyway to check everything. I’ve lost 7 lbs since I started but I should’ve lost at least 12 lbs by now. I never lose weight this slow. could it be stress? age? I would love you to help me, I’m so disappointed

Well, obviously what you are doing is not getting you the results you want to see. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If your leader looked at your journal and suggested you eat more protein I would do it. Leaders have intense training on this. we don’t just make things up. Lay off the salt and increase your protein for 2 weeks and see if you start losing. From what you say I think you are over analysing everything. There is no way you can predict how fast your body is going to lose. You mentioned before you are used to losing 1 lb a week. doing what? Did you keep that weight off? So would you rather lose 1 lb a week and gain it all back or lose . 5 a week and keep it off forever? I think stepping up the cardio is a great idea, but I also think if you do that you need to eat more. what happens when we don’t eat enough is our body grabs whatever you finally do put into your body and holds on to it for fear that you aren’t going to give it enough. If you are eating enough your body sheds calories at a faster rate because it learns the next meal is coming soon. So you want to make sure you are eating frequent small meals. So your body relaxes and realizes it isn’t going to have to wait long to get fed again.

Stick with it.

Get a Doc appt scheduled. that will bring peace of mind at least finding out if something is or isn’t wrong with you and keep working the program. Get all the Healthy guidelines in daily and keep up with the filling foods.