Is Weight Watchers Online Any Good?

weightwatchersonlineHave any of you done Weight Watchers online? Is it any good? I was just wondering the specifics on how you know how many points certain foods are worth, do you get a book? How do you determine your points value and if I joined could I easily get information for someone else as far as their point value? It’s kinda expensive to join but I thought if I could get my mum as well in on one membership and we could just share the info. Would this be possible?


I love love love Weight Watchers!

I joined November, and have already lost 182bs. I barely exercise too. The online thing is best if you like to cook! I use it for recipes and stuff. You don’t get any paperwork sent to you other than a card if you are going to meetings. I would suggest doing both, the online and meetings. This is the first time I have joined WWs and the meetings are great too. There are so many women in different phases of their weight loss it is very helpful. Online you can go on different chat rooms, track all your point, there is a recipe builder that you can go on and type it a recipe you already use and calculate the points for you, it’s pretty cool. The best part is that if you are nursing you get like 12 extra pts! Right now I get a total of 32 points a day, and I have a hard time using them up! I’ve never eaten so much, so much of the healthy food that is! I need 8 cups of H2O, 9 fruits and veggies, 3 milk, and 3 of the good oils daily! Hope this helps.

I’ve thought about it but I can’t afford it.

I figure I will just do it myself. I have done pretty good so far by myself. But if it is a good idea then I will talk to my mum and see if she wants to go in half with me.

I’m on WW online.

I like it a lot and as I am nursing I get 4 extra pts a day. But anyway I like it a lot and have been on it since October and have lost 35 lbs with it so I would recommend it. You figure out all your points and stuff online and it would be up to you if you want to take the time to find out points value for someone else for all the foods that they eat but over time you start to memorize how many pts each food is. I don’t go to the meetings because I do not have the time but for me the online is just fine.

I am also on ww online.

I signed up for three months. I have done weight watchers for a long time. It is a lifestyle for me. I enjoy eating out with WW because I know the points for just about every restaurant and you can eat whatever you want in moderation. It has taught me that. I am down back below my weight before I was pregnant, but my ultimate goal weight is still 15 pounds away which I know I can achieve with WW. I also love the extra 35 points a week. I just started again this week after throwing points out the window because of our vacation and family visiting. I have already lost 2 pounds this week without exercising. I LOVE IT!

I checked out the 12 pts thing and it is actually 10? The first ww book you get at the meetings has a guide to calculate your pts, and the very first question is are you female (2pts), male (8pts), or a nursing mum (12pts). I’m not sure if they do it different when you calculate your points online. Everyone is different though, you just have to figure out what point target is best for you. My point target is actually 36, but I usually stay around 32. Good Luck! Looks like lots women are doing good with ww also! I was a little worried that I screwed up my pts when I saw the other post only got 2 extra! I was a little off so I’m glad I checked.

WW is a wonderful program. I’ve done both – on line and in house. I’m currently doing in house.

I actually just joined online today. I can’t wait to see results!

If you work the program correctly you should lose 1-3 lbs a week.