Nutrition Bars

Nutrition-BarsHas anyone come across an Energy Bar, Nutrition Bar, or Meal Replacement Bar [or drink] that you like and doesn’t sabotage your points? I often need a snack to grab mid-afternoon when I am doing my stay at home mum running around stuff. I need something to give me a little pick me up and hold me over until dinner.

The bars are great for me because it is a pre-portioned serving and meets my need for something sweet, BUT the more I look, even at the “diet” ones, the more I say WOW to the amount of points they use. Any ideas or brands to look for? I eat tons of fresh fruits and vegis all day, it’s just that mid-afternoon time that gets me!


Fibre One Bars

I love Fibre One Bars. My favourites are the chocolate and oats, caramel, chocolate mocha and the peanut butter ones. The peanut butter ones are one more point than the others but they are all very low points, taste great and are filling.

chocolate mint Pria

The chocolate mint Pria bars are yummy and 2 pts

Fibre One +1

I like the bars Weight Watchers sells at meetings, Fibre One Bars and even some of the other granola ones out there, but you are right you need to watch the point value because even though they may “look” or “sound” healthy, there are ones that are higher in points than others. If you have the points and they satisfy you go with the higher point ones especially if all you are eating is fruits/veggies, you might want to add some protein like yoghurt or cottage cheese instead of a bar?

I tend to kind of go in streaks and get ‘hooked’ on items for a while then switch it up. Right now my afternoon snack has been a serving of Fibre Select Crackers (5 grain), 1 laughing Cow light cheese wedge (French onion or garlic herb), 1/4 cup salsa and a small apple. I usually wind up sharing the apple with my 2 little munchkins, but that snack satisfies me until dinner time!

I usually will put a 1/2 peanut butter sandwich in my purse. One piece of bread and a little peanut butter can be (oops… almost put points) well low points and better for you than a high sugar bar.


I like the curves bars too. They are extremely low in points.

Kashi Go Lean Crunchy Bars, especially the caramel corn ones. Yummy! And a good dose of protein.

Special K Protein bars in Peanut Butter

I’ve always been really anti-cereal/snack bar (or whatever they’re called). I always thought they were a huge waste of calories, and had too much sugar/carbs to appreciate any minimal amount of nutrition they had. BUT, recently I discovered Special K Protein bars in Peanut Butter, and they’re amazing. They were sold out at my Walmart the last time I went, so I bought the Chocolate Chip kind and I wasn’t thrilled with them.

The points value isn’t super low (same point value as a serving of chicken breast), but I appreciate the amount of protein that they have (10grams). It’s especially important for me since I’m a vegetarian and always looking for ways to get my protein. What better way than with a Peanut Buttery snack?