Paying For Weight Watchers Online

WWOI’ve been paying by the week at the meeting, so how do I sign up to pay online and get the e-Tools, etc? Do I do it when I go weigh in this week or do I do it ahead of time at home? Seems like a dumb question, but that’s the main thing that has kept me from doing it before now.


It’s NOT a dumb question!

I asked when I weighed in, but you can probably do either. If your meeting is soon, maybe just ask about it. They’ll give you the code you need. Then you go to the site and put it in with your credit card info. Real easy.

You can do either but I would recommend doing at your meeting, they will give you a code and you can pay right then for it and get signed up when you get home. It is GREAT!

If you just can’t stand waiting until your meeting you can join online and it will let you print out a temporary pass that you can bring to the meeting.

Ok, so I went ahead and signed up at home today but I can’t seem to make it do anything for me. I first put in my current weight, but then I didn’t want it just calculating from that. so I put in my starting weight, but now I don’t know how to put in my current wght. and I can’t get past the first screen where you enter some of that info; I can’t even get to the actual e-Tools. any ideas?

You aren’t going to be able to start back from the beginning. You’ll have to put in your current weight and go from there. It only allows you to put in how much you weigh once a week so you can’t put in all the weeks you’ve been before.

I’d go back to the starting WWs page and re-log in.

Then if you click on the house at the top left, it should take you to your home page. You’ll have to fiddle and poke around to find out where stuff is. At least that’s the easiest way for me to learn about a new website.

I played with it a bit more tonight and discovered some things. under “Weight Tracker” I could actually go in and put in my past weigh-ins. I just need to do what you said and poke around a bit more!

That’s great.

I think they must have added that recently or else I just didn’t know how to do it! Keep on playing with it. You’ll have it all figured out before long.