Problem with WW online

Weight-WatchersA couple weeks ago they raised my points from 21 to 24 I was loosing great before this. Not too much, about 1-2 pounds a week. Since they raised my points I haven’t lost a thing. I wasn’t eating hardly any weekly points before and I’m still not. The only change was the 3 daily points. Why did they change my points and what should I do?


WW online doesn’t just ‘change the points’…

did you reach your lifetime goal weight? If so they add points when you go on maintenance OR your quiz questions could have changed. I would go in and retake your quiz and when you answer those questions those are how many points you should be eating. If you were losing good on 21 go back to that, but you never want to lose too fast. Hope that helps….if not, I would call the 1-800 number and talk to a representative.

When I weighed in a window popped up that said it was time to adjust my points. I clicked continue and it brought me to the quiz. I checked that it was all correct and clicked next then it went to a window that said my new weekly points was 24. No I haven’t reached my goal. I just started in July. I’ve got a long way to go. I did my weigh in today and I did loose a pound. I may have been bloated or something last week. I liked loosing 2 pounds a week better. It’s still not too much but much faster then 1 pound a week. We’ll see what happens. I’ve been leaving 1-2 points unused every day that’s probably why I lost a pound this week. 24 points still feels like too much.

Sounds like you must’ve adjusted something in the quiz.

I know that I adjusted something the last time it came up and it gave me additional points (I changed my activity because I was being more active) but I didn’t want the additional points so I changed the activity back and now I’m back to 21 points a day. Hope you figure out what changed.

Any chance you answered the question about how active you are during the day? I’m mostly sitting or mostly walking.

Yes I made sure that was correct.