Should I Use My Activity Or Weekly Points Up First?

ww planI understand the difference between Activity and Weekly Points however, which pts would you be dipping into first once you use up your Daily Points – the APs or WPs? I’m still kind of confused about which ones you use up first. And you don’t have to use up all of the Activity Pts you earn, correct?


I don’t calculate my activity points.

But I would say use your activity pnts first!

Totally up to you! I use my weekly pts first and rarely use my APs, but some people do the exact opposite. Whatever you do is fine, just keep it simple and easiest for you to understand. I use a 3 month journal to track right now because that is easiest for me. If you are using e-tools I think it takes from your weekly first. But correct me if I am wrong e-tools users. It’s been a while since I have tracked online.

You are correct, you do not have to use all your activity or all your weekly, use none, use some, use all. Make the plan fit your life.

What is the advantage to using a 3 month journal.

You can’t carry over any unused pts (activity or exercise) to months in the future can you?

No, you are right,you can’t carry over any points. The advantage to a three month journal is that you have everything in one spot. I tend to eat the same types of food on a regular basis and when I have the journal on the counter I can just peek back to when I ate it last and tally the pts. E-tools is great too…but now that my kids are getting older I can’t always get on the home computer and sometimes I just don’t feel like getting my laptop all booted up to find out what one thing is. I was getting lazy tracking on the computer so the journal is nice for me. I also love the tips, recipes and motivational sayings everyday :) To each their own, whatever works for you is what you should do.

I use my activity pts.

I have found if I use my weekly pts, I don’t seem to loose any. So I only allow myself to use what I have earned in working out.

Thanks everyone! I use a 3 month journal too. I don’t have eTools and I think it’s so much easier to just jot it down in the journal than going on the computer each time I want to update what I ate. I really wish that the phone app was available to all Weight Watchers members instead of just those that are subscribed to eTools. Why is that? I am a lifetime member (trying to get back back to my goal weight after just giving birth to my 2nd son) and I don’t think that is fair that I can’t upload the app unless subscribed to eTools. The lifetime members kinda get the raw end of the deal…not fair. Thanks also for the explanation on activity points vs. weekly pts.