Should I Use All My Weight Watcher Points?

pointsYesterday I think I did things wrong. I had 11 points left. Are you supposed to have pts left? I ate lots of fruits and veggies. This is what I ate yesterday.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal (2 pts), Banana, Coffee
  • Lunch: Spinach, tomato, onion, half a piece of cheese omelet egg and egg white omelet (really really yummy) (3 pts)
  • Snack: Carrots, celery, grapes
  • Dinner: Roasted pork. I think I had more than 1 serving so I counted as two. (8 pts)Half a baked potato (2 pts)Broccolimilk2 biscuits. (8pts)Milk (2 pts)while watching tv, small apple

Drank lots of water. I know I should have had two more glasses of milk. but am I doing this right? Should I be eating all my points? I wish there were an online leader. The message boards are REALLY slow. so I am kinda feeling like I am on my own except for counting pts.


Yeah you should be eating them all.

Remember you only need 5 serving of fruits and veggies so substitute for something else come snack time that may help.

Well…yes and no.

Yes you should eat all your points, however you should also listen to your body. If you aren’t hungry….DON’T eat! But if you are consitently falling below than you should try planning a little better….like sit down the night before and plan your day for the next day so that you have them all in. I think it looks like you did well.

Just out of curiosity are you following Points or PtsPlus…for example most Oatmeals are now 3-4, unless it wasn’t a full serving you ate, but I noticed you typed 2. If you have old info it is outdated…maybe you are already online…then I am sure you are getting current stuff. Just want to make sure, because that might help a lot! Keep the questions coming.

It was a sugar free pre-packaged oatmeal.

I typed in the info on the side of the box and it came up with the pts. :) I am following the points plus.

I’d recommend adding more to your breakfast, something with protein? I make a mid morning smoothie with fruit and soy milk. I cant have dairy right now which is why I have the soy, it has more protein than other milk substitutes.

Thanks for pointing out oatmeal should have more points.

You were so right. I think I put in the percent instead of grams. So packet of the Food Lion lower sugar instant oatmeal is 3 not two. My husband suggested that too. :) At least a hard boiled egg since mornings are usually so busy here that I can barely get breakfast. Thank you so much both of you. Paid more attention today to using my pts more wisely and have only six pts left. That makes more sense. You know what I learned today. Ranch Dressing has too many points to be worth it.