Starting Over

Starting OverWell its been a long time, and I’ve finally stopped denying the fact that I need to lose weight. I know how Weight Watchers works I’ve done it many times with success, but for some reason I am dragging my feet about starting it this time. How do you stay motivated and keep yourself on track?


You can do it

What motivates me to lose weight is the fact that my husband is deployed to Iraq and it is so much easier to watch what I eat when he is gone. I know a lot of people who have joined Weight Watchers several times. This is my 2nd time joining the meetings, and this is my 4th time using the online WW. I was not as serious, what I really needed was the meetings to keep me focused on the long term goal which was being healthy. Trust me there are a lot of other ladies who joined and stopped and then joined again. You can do it.

Well, I guess I am motivated by money! I wasn’t going to pay for something that I didn’t follow! Now I am motivated because I am an employee and love getting paid from WWs now! I have to stay within 2 lbs of my goal to continue my employment….easy to do when they pay me!

Today I started Weight Watchers again. I did it successfully from 2006-2007 but then I got married, had a child, and slowly stopped doing WW. When I started Weight Watchers in 2006, I went from 212 to 170. I felt great. I was confident and loved how I look. Well now I am at my biggest weight….234. I am determined to get back down to 170. Wish me luck and if anyone has any tips on staying motivated and not going off track again, I’d gladly appreciate it. Thanks!


For me to stay on track I need to have all the right foods in the house and I need to plan my menu for the day every morning. I also need to keep myself as busy as possible because I eat and eat when I get bored. My motivation comes from just wanting to look my best. I am also very stubborn so its not easy for me to give up!

Your story is a bit like mine. I started WWs after my first son was born, lost 68 lbs and got pregnant again….after son #2 was born joined again (not as heavy as time #1) and lost about 20 then we moved. I joined again in December of 2006 and told myself I would NOT give up until I hit goal weight! My joining weight at that time was 210 (although my heaviest was 240ish the first time around)…..I hit goal in June of 2008….18 months but I am here. I lost 47 to hit goal and have taken off about 5 more to ‘buffer’ that goal. I would not say that it was easy, but I WILL say it was worth it!

Tips for success?

  • First of all take out the tape measurer today and take measurements. You will be amazed at the inches you lose, that kept me going when the weight loss seemed ‘slow’. I took neck, bust, right arm, waist, abdomen, hips, right thigh and right calf. I wrote them in a journal and took them each month. Now I take them about every 3 just to make sure I am still keeping it off.
  • I agree with above poster: PLAN your day! I recommend planning it the night before, before you go to bed, then when you get up it is on your counter and you can just check off the foods you eat and no thinking involved!
  • Follow all 8 healthy guidelines, makes life easier and makes you feel better. My suggestion is concentrate on losing 2 lbs. When those are off try 2 more….and so on. Don’t worry about your total weight loss, it will come when it comes.

Hope this helps. I know I have more ideas of things that worked but I will let others post too! Keep checking the boards as we have lots of great women on here to help you!

Well I am starting over today. I started the end of November and by December I had lost 12 lbs but gained it all back. So I am back at my starting weight. Its so hard to stick with it. Any suggestions or words of encouragement. I’m so disappointed in myself. My 1 yr wedding anniversary is in April and I really want to lose 50 lbs. Don’t know if its possible but its my goal. Our anniversary will be one of the last times we’ll be together since he is deploying to Iraq sometime after that. Help me!


Don’t set a goal of 50 lbs by April. That’s 20 lbs a month. Do you really think that is a realistic goal? Don’t set yourself up this way. Look at this as a way of life. You are changing your life to be healthier. The weight will come off as it does. Good luck. Oh and remember, slow weight-loss = permanent weight loss.

My suggestions are:

  1. Don’t focus on timed goals
  2. Work the program and trust in it!
  3. Substitute for any higher-fat, higher-sugar “must haves” I have almost entirely cut grease from my daily eating and feel so much better!

I agree with the sentiment that your goal maybe a little too long term. When I started I had nearly 100lbs to lose and I have lost 24.6 (come on 25…) but that has bee since august. I got really frustrated at first but then I started to make my goals smaller, like I am going to weigh, measure and log all my food 100% all week. The next week it was I am going to get 1 activity point each day, then water, veggies and so on until my focus was entirely on the actions I needed to take to make my goal rather than only focusing on the end result. It is more about the journey, since this is where we learn our lessons.

You could start by setting a goal of 8-10 pounds a month. Stick with it!

Hi, I’m new to the group and am starting over on WW. Two years ago I joined Weight Watchers and lost almost 20 lbs. then plateaued for 1 year at 160. Recently I quit smoking and have crept up to 169 and am horrified at what I see in the mirror, not to mention the size 10′s getting snug.

So this weekend I went and bought my frozen Weight Watchers meals at walmart and am on the road to starting over. I was good today, I had my 4 point coffee(breakfast – I hate real breakfast food) , 4 point lunch, 6 point dinner, and 3 point desert. I know – it’s under 20 points, but you know how it goes when you start out again and it’s all about being gung ho! I’m looking forward to meeting new people here and having support! But I’m ready and looking for some extra support!! People to be accountable to – because me alone – just couldn’t do it!


I too am starting over.

Lost 40 lbs the first go at it and then got pregnant. after 3 years off my diet I am up 100 lbs. Been trying to get back going with it since wed. Had a small slip up the other day, but also hoping that being on here gives me the support and drive I need to keep it up. Good luck at starting it again. if nothing else we are beginning together.

Me too, I was 258, then I lost 30 pounds, then I gained 10 pounds, now I am back with a vengeance. My neice has lost 60 pounds in four months, just on WW, no exercise, just the points system. She looks amazing and I am inspired again. Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

I’m back again too.

I was doing Weight Watchers on this site a month ago or so. I lost 9 lbs And then life (Stress) kept getting in the way. Well this week. I’m back. I decided you can do this one more week. That’s how I got started the first week. I was feeling so bad about myself my weight was 220 and I just felt bad. So I lost 9 lbs, don’t feel great but I feel better than I did. So here is to another start. Today is day One, I’m ready.