I’ve Stopped Losing Weight

I-have-stopped-losing-weightI lost 5 lbs my 1st week, 4 lbs my 2nd week, 1 lb my 3rd week… now I’ve gone 2 weeks without losing anything. And I’ve even gone down from 28 to 27 points, so I feel like there should be some progress. I’m not giving up or anything, but I’m feeling a little disappointed. I know there will be weeks where I gain, some where I break even & some where I’ll lose. I just feel like I’m working so hard (and it is getting easier to stay within points without feeling hungry or deprived) and I was hoping to drop another pound or two. Anyone have any ideas how to break through a plateau? (Is 2 weeks considered a plateau?).


Do you work out at all?

If you do, maybe you could vary your workout a little, or up it by a few minutes?
Do you use your flex points? If you do, maybe use a few less, or if you don’t try using them.

2 weeks with no loss is not considered a plateau.

Weight Watchers recommends you lose no more than an average of 0.5-2 lbs a week, you are well above that. Are you writing everything you eat down? Are you eating all of your DPs? Are you following all the Healthy Guidelines? I would strongly suggest you bring your journal in for your leader to peek at….sometimes we see something you might be overlooking. Make sure you are eating enough, but not going over your DP/AP/WP.

I work out rarely.

I know I need to get in gear. I do Weight Watchers online, so I don’t have a leader, but I do track everything I eat online. I do sometimes use some of my flex points, and I do use all of my daily points. I’ll try to squeeze in some exercise a few times this week & see if that makes a big difference. (I know, you’re all probably thinking “DUH”, right?)

Here are a couple things that I do when I’m not losing or not losing as much as I’d like:

  1. Check your sugars. If you’re using a lot of points on junk, stop. If you aren’t eating as many veggies or dairy as you should, up those and see if it helps
  2. Consider getting a pedometer. I sometimes have a hard time working in exercise, but if I wear my pedometer daily I move a lot more during the day because I can see how much to increase. Try to add at least 100 steps each day. So if you’re doing 6000 steps now, do 6100 the first day, 6200 the second and so on until you hit 10000.
  3. Measure EVERYTHING for a week. You might be eating larger portions than you think.
  4. Try eating more the first couple of days. If you get 25 points a day, eat 35 (using 10 flex points per day) for the first two day and then stick to your points the rest of the week. Doing that can sometimes reassure your system that you aren’t starving and get it burning more again.
  5. Drink a cup of green tea first thing in the morning (yes, it has to be green, though you can use the flavoured greens too) and again at lunch every day. There’s some evidence that green tea will boost your metabolism, and anecdotally, I find I always lose better if I drink at least one cup per day. Make sure you drink it earlier on in the day though, or the caffeine might interfere with your sleep.

Are you counting BLT’s (bites, licks, and tastes)?

(When I was doing meetings – I’m online only now- my leader always stressed this.) They can really add up. I know it sounds dumb, but it could help if your more aware of those little things.

I don’t have any advice for you but I can say I know what your going through and just hang in there.
I just joined weight watchers but have been eating healthy and exercising on my own since the first of the year. by the end of Jan. I had lost like 11 pounds and for the month of Feb. I have maybe lost a pound. Its really frustrating because I am eating perfectly and exercising 6 days a week.

When you don’t see results it makes you just want to quit. I have started to try and find other measures of success though, Like I can fit into my pre pregnancy jeans now, and I couldn’t even button them when I started. I can see a big change in my body, even in the past month when I haven’t lost much.

I know if I keep it up the weight will eventually come off. I know it will work the same for you too, just hang in there and keep up what your doing. Inpatients is defiantly a diets worst enemy.