Struggling With Weight Watchers Meal Ideas

Eat-your-veggiesOk, so this is only my 4th day on Weight Watchers and I must say I’m starving. I will admit that I am a junk food carb-o-holic who is struggling a bit! For those of you who used to be me how long did it take you to settle in to this! I need to find new foods that I like, and trust me there aren’t many that are good for me that I do!

So all of you anti-vegetable people of the past, how did you go about finding stuff that you enjoy eating, or did you just try it enough times that you finally liked it? I like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and corn cooked and covered in butter! what butter substitutes do you all use for cooking and what are you using to add flavour to your vegetables? Thanks in advance for any replies! I promise they will help me.


Butter is my downfall too, but there are two things that I use like spreadable light butter. It’s 1pt for 1 TBSP. I never knew how much 1TBSP was. But since it is butter, it satisfies my craving for it. Also another good substitute is the I can’t believe it’s not butter. As far as trying to stay on program. One suggestion is to get more protein in your diet. Protein (at least for me) keeps me fuller, longer. You can make an egg white omelet with steamed broccoli or any other vegetable you like. I also cut up turkey sausage and put it in there as well. At the meetings, they sell Weight Watchers smoothies. I love those. There is an after taste, but each packet has 10g of protein in it. If you mix it with 8 oz water, it’s only 1 pt. If you use full fat milk, it is 3pts. Those few things have helped me out tremendously. I am still far from my goal, but I can feel a huge difference. I hope they help you out.

I put butter spray on my veggies

Or sometimes just salt and pepper.

I put I can’t Believe it’s not butter spray on my veggies when they are cooked. Things like tomatoes and cucumbers you can just put a little salt and pepper on them or use some Wishbone Salad Spritzers. I also eat little baby carrots with nothing on them. It took me almost 3 weeks to become really comfortable with eating this way. It got easier after a week but almost the 3 weeks to where I didn’t feel like snacking as much and with portion control. I have been on Weight Watchers for 4 months now and snacking is still a little hard for me.If you can get to WW online you can search the recipe finder for new snacks and foods that are low in points value. That has helped me a lot. I have also gotten some really good recipes on there for dinner items that my family likes. I don’t tell them it is WW until after they have eaten it and said that they like it.I hope this helps. I can’t begin to tell you how much WW has helped me. In those 4 months I have lost 33 lbs, with much more to go, but with Weight Watchers I know that I can do it.

I like to use the Molly McButter.

It has a real buttery flavour for being a flavoured sprinkle

I think its just finding other tastes that you like. I love to add some teriyaki sauce, or a seasoning in them. You can stir fry them with out stir frying them. I spray a little spray of pam on the pan and add some seasonings or the teriyaki sauce to it while its cooking. Then I also let them stay crispy because I LOVE crispy food! (I think that’s still okay, maybe someone can verify that who has been doing it longer)As for snacking here are some stuff that I love! fat free pringles, all types of rice chips (they have caramel ones!) you can go to one of the sites that will show you the points value of snack food and it has some great ideas for low point snacks!

I remember feeling like I was starving too :)

it was the first week, almost two. It was so worth it! Obviously your not really starving, your body is just getting used to it’s new food intake! I was never really too into butter but now I use olive oil, light extra virgin and season my veggies with that plus a little salt and pepper and I add garlic and herb seasoning a lot too. Grill up some chicken kabobs! Chicken(just a little ;), peppers, onions, zuchini, summer squash and cherry tomatoes. Season with evoo, salt, pepper and garlic. So yummy, you won’t even mind eating you veggies :) I also make salads with yummy extras like reduced fat feta and olives, or 1% cheddar and bacos, or salsa, avocado and reduced fat Mexican cheese. For dressing I use olive oil, vinegar,salt, pepper and sometimes lemon juice or garlic and herb seasoning. Veggies can be yummy without being covered in butter :) Good luck and remember the whole “starving” feeling will pass and when it does you will be a few pound lighter, a little healthier and feeling GREAT!

You sound like me, and I’ll admit that some of my habits haven’t changed much, but what I have changed, I had to do slowly. If there are veggies you absolutely can’t stand, don’t eat them. If there are others you can tolerate, fix them in ways you like and then gradually take the fat out. Hide veggies in other foods so you don’t taste them as much.The most important thing is to eat a variety of foods in healthy ways. Drenching them with butter isn’t healthy, and I know you know that. Try sautéing them in garlic and olive oil. It’s healthier and tastes awesome! I could easily eat a whole bag of broccoli that way. :)Also, you have to be patient with yourself. It takes several weeks to change a habit completely. If you briefly revert back, you haven’t failed or cheated. You merely didn’t choose the healthiest option. I think we can all say we’ve done that, even those of us who are old hat at this.

I’ve thought about you all day and I have some tips to add.

  1. when I am hungry, I allow myself to have some of what it is; HOWEVER, I make myself drink about 4 oz. of water. Then I alternate sips of water with what I’m eating.
  2. especially when I first started, I allowed myself to have things like Doritoes. I would measure out a serving… 1 oz… which I think is 3 pts. and then I would suck on them instead of crunching/biting/eating them. It made them last longer but I was getting to be bad
  3. exercise to earn that activity point to have something carb related that you are craving.