Traditional Or Digital Scales When Weighing In

weighing-scalesFor those of us who are Weight Watchers Online members: When you weigh in, do you use traditional scales or digital scales?

I’m currently using a traditional scale, and its really tough to tell exactly what I weigh. So I’m thinking I am going to go out and buy digital scales. Is there a certain brand of digital scale that works better than others, or will any digital scale work fine? I honestly don’t know much about scales obviously. I also don’t want to spend a fortune on a set of scales either.


I’m using a regular scale that I’ve had since way back when I went to meetings. At that time I calibrated mine to match Weight Watchers scales. Eventually I’d like to get a digital as well, easier to read.

I have a regular scale that I currently use.

My mum has a digital scale, and I noticed that my weight changes depending on how I stand on it. I don’t like it nearly as much as my conventional one.

I have a digital one and it is ok.

It is true that if you step on it one way and then step on it again you could get a totally different number that could be off by 2 lbs. I know that you should only step on the scale once but I am a bit obsessive about it and step on it 3-4 times. I take the first number as my WI number and then I average out the numbers also but that is just for my obsessive mind.