Adding Fiber Sure To Food

Fiber SureI was just wondering if anyone has tried adding fiber (such as Fiber Sure) to their foods? Has anyone’s group leader mentioned it? Is it OK to do? And if so, I assume it will drastically change point values… What do you think?


I’ve added to our food before like sauces and pancakes and stuff, but never calculated it into my points value. It gave us all really bad gas! Which my family LOVED! But I didn’t. I guess that goes away after your body gets used to it.

It is OK to add fiber sure if you need added fiber, however Weight Watchers recommends calculating points values based on fiber already in the food … not using fiber supplements to lower point values.

Food with fiber help lower points, but the gas in unbelievable. I tried Benefil, but it didn’t seem to to much good. Any other suggestions?

I NEED the extra fiber so I put Benefiber in my smoothies in the morning. I also will add it to my yogurt or oatmeal. I have even added it to dt. pop or water. It isn’t gritty nor does it taste. I see a difference in myself when I use the extra fiber. I do not count the extra fiber for points.

I use Fiber Sure in lots of my foods, but not just to lower points, for the overall benefit. I never had a problem with gas as a side effect (except with the FiberOne bars, but even if you do your body will become used to the added fiber and the gas will eventually subside. When using Fiber Sure I only count reduced points in milk. A cup of NF milk is 2 points, however if you add a teaspoon of Fiber Sure it is only 1 point. I add it into my protein shakes which I use milk.