Weight Watchers: Adding Up Vegetable Points

vegI know fruits aren’t really “free” but are veggies? I know most veggies have 0 points so I’m talking about those. Like say I have a steamer bag (4 servings) of green beans or broccoli. Do I need to add it in like a recipe or just count it as 4 servings of veggies? I do this a lot late at night when I’m having the munchies and I’m wondering how I should track it. How do I add up vegetable points?


If you eat more than 1 serving of anything you need to count it accordingly. 0+0 doesn’t always equal 0. That being said…4 servings of broccoli is a better choice than a bag of potato chips for those late night munchies :) And yes, it takes a LOT more veggies to make points…but again, the point of Weight Watchers is to learn when you are satisfied and not overeat. Try adding it to e-tools and see what you get. I haven’t met any members that walk into my meetings saying they are overweight because they just can’t get a handle on their veggie addiction :) If your veggies have a label put it in your calculator and multiply it by 4 or plug it into e-tools and see what you come up with.

Okay, I’m a bit confused. What is e-tools? I have an online membership. Is that the same thing? And yes, I do eat until I am satisfied and don’t overeat. I eat dinner around 8pm and I’m awake until around 3am. So I usually nuke up a steamer bag around 11pm and munch on it for hours. So far I am still losing weight so I figure I’m on the right track. Just trying to figure out how to count these things.

Yes, e-tools is our online program!

Also some veggies have starch making them have carbs and therefore points, like peas and corn and obviously potatoes, avocados are high in points because of the fat, even though it is a healthy fat. I don’t worry about things like broccoli, carrots, celery, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, or cauliflower

Hence the ” I know most veggies have 0 points so I’m talking about those.”

In my reply I meant that I don’t track the zero point veggies, no matter how many I eat, I am not a meeting leader or anything qualified, just a member but there is really no harm in eating a bunch of veggies. Actually that is a great habit.

Yeah, I figured 4 servings of 0pt veggies is way better than a bag of chips or a huge bowl of popcorn. I was just wondering if I needed to add in like 1pt per serving or something to be honest with myself.

The calculator will usually add up the points if its more than one serving. I use e-tools too.