Adding Up Zero Point Foods

pic1oYBQWI’m new to Weight Watchers, just started this week. I’m doing it online, so I have no one to ask questions to, so I’m hoping ya’ll can help me!! I don’t love to drink water, so to be able to drink a lot of water I’ve been using the sugar free tropical punch kool aid singles. When you look it up and when you put in the calorie info. it always comes up as zero. But if you put in on one line that you had 5 waters (equal to 40 oz.) it comes up to 1 point. But if you spread it out and put a couple of waters on morning, a couple on midday, so forth and so on, it comes up as zero. How am I supposed to do it? Should I put them all on one so it shows that I’ve had a point from it or not? Also, is it really okay to drink them all the time? It feels like I’m drinking kool aid and I’m not doing myself any good from it.


My Weight Watchers leader had said that when adding your water intake 3 of them should be just plain water. The other two can be juice or diet soda. I also like to add Crystal light to my bottled water but i have tried to limit it to one a day. So it ends up being two of my waters. Then I’ll drink just plain water for my rest. Hope that helps. Also, when having more than one of the kool aids the reason it’s saying 1 pt is because it’s adding all the cal, fat, and fiber from all five so it will be more. If you just have one a day then it’s 0 points. Ugh, hope that makes sense!

You can have 5 “0″ point foods per day…so, if you are only using 5 of them a day and not using any other items that you count as 0 points you should be ok putting them separately.

Just know that if you eat enough of the zero point foods

they will eventually add up to something. I wouldn’t drink too much of the kool aid….just a little here and there. Try to enjoy the refreshing, thirst quenching effect of cold, good water… becomes additive.