Weight Watchers: Do I Need To Eat All Weekly Points?

Weight Watchers PlanIs it important to eat ALL weekly points? Say on the last day of week you have 10 pts left (in addition to daily target pts) do you HAVE to make sure you consume all the extra points? Is it okay to “leave some behind” for the week?


You do not need to use any WPs if you don’t want to or need to. They are there to use the way you want – all at once, a little bit each day, some or not at all.

You can have all, some or none, they are just there if you need them :)  If you aren’t hungry don’t eat.  But if you are truly hungry and out of your DPs they are there for you.  Or if you have a special event or a special treat you want to enjoy they help you not feel deprived :)  Hope that helps.