WW Tips For Christmas Holidays

Target-weight-loss-before-Christmas-2012So reality has set in that the Christmas is fast approaching. We’ve started stocking up on Halloween sweets for trick-or-treat, and I had to have my husband hide it! Halloween, then Christmas, then New Years! This is my first holiday season on Weight Watchers. Any hints?


I have a couple if I really wanted something I would only take 2 bites and pretend they were the first and the last their the only ones that matter so I made them last (LOL) everything in the middle taste the same.

Second I had a leader who carried around a small plastic spoon around the holidays and that’s how small she scoop things on her plate.
third, if you have to bring a dish always offer to bring a fruit or veggie tray

I agree with the previous answer.

If you want something, have a taste of it and that’s all. If you are going out to parties or something like that, eat some soup before leaving the house so you’ll already be somewhat full and won’t eat as much as if you went totally hungry.

I also think that it’s good to offer to bring a healthy option if you are asked to bring something and even if you aren’t volunteer so you’ll know there will be at least one healthy option for you to eat more of so that you won’t over indulge in the bad stuff.

I love it! i have never really thought of it that way!

Buy Halloween sweets that you don’t like!

Or just buy gum to give out or something. But for the holidays I used to make lots of goodies and treats and I won’t be doing that this year. I’m going to try some healthier treats – that’s all. I am even planning on what kind of food to have for my birthday (for our family we always eat our favorite foods for the whole day on our Bday) so I’m thinking Angel food cake (which is good to bring to a party too!), lots of yummy fruit (mangos, pineapple, grapes, kiwi) and who knows. I’ll probably get some recipes off of Hungry-Girl.com for the holidays so I can still indulge but in a lot fewer points!

For Halloween I don’t buy any sweets I like and I don’t buy it until the day of or the day before. It’s also on sale to that’s a bonus:) I also made a Weight Watchers pumpkin pie last year and YUMMY I’ll be making that again. I limited myself to that ONE piece of pie. Ok I snuck a SMALL bite of my hubbies apple pie but it was literally ONE bite from my hubbies plate but his apple pie is SO GOOD! Then for Christmas I had to not follow Weight Watchers for one day. I had a VERY small piece of my mum’s cheese cake yeah I know probably 10+ points in my little slice but YUMMY. I actually lost weight that week too. I guess I got off track my one or two days but getting right back on the horse helped me. I know it’s different for everyone but that’s what I did last year and it was my first holiday on Weight Watchers.Good luck!