What is the Nicest Weight Watchers Food?

ww-foodI’m so very new to WW. What Weight Watchers food do you enjoy or are your must haves?

  1. From the regular grocery store?
  2. From the official store? (like the stuff they sell at the meetings?)


Smart ones

I get the smart ones frozen meals and they are surprisingly good for frozen meals! I’m vegetarian so I get the angel hair pasta, fetticuni Alfredo, and the pasta primavera a lot! I don’t go to meetings so have no idea about the food there!

I don’t buy a ton of WW food b/c I can usually find something cheaper for the same point value. But I do like their yogurts, which as far as I know are the lowest in points and not expensive. Also, their ice cream treats I’ll buy if I have a coupon. Oh, also their cream cheese even though the point value has gone up from the old Plan, but I imagine all cream cheese has hone up if WW’s has.

I love it all!

I love having the string cheese on hand. Paired up with a piece of fruit it makes a good snack. I like the WW Smart ones. I always have Boca Burgers in the house (the ones endorsed by WW). I like the frozen treats….more so in the summer months.

Since I am a leader I get a discount on everything sold at meetings.so I pretty much love it all. I like the Oatmeals when I am travelling or going to be in the car for breakfast because they are easy to make and take. The smoothies are great in the summer when I crave ice cream, because I make them thick like a milkshake. I love the mini bars because they satisfy my sweet tooth.
Seriously, am I a walking advertisement?

I am trying to find a store with a good selection of Weight Watchers food. I can find some meals here and there and a few different ice creams, but I can’t find bagels, the cookies, muffins etc, as well as a large selection of food. I am a SAHM and a lot of times for lunch it is easier for me to pop a frozen WWs meal in the microwave then cook something and have to think about points. Has anyone found a store with a good selection….I have tried Mars, Shoppers and Safeway. Thanks!



I’ve found a lot of WWs foods at the Asda. They have WW cheese, bagels, cookies, and smart ones!

Asda has lots of the stuff including the Frozen SmartOnes.

I findit at Asda. Good luck!

just in case you didn’t know all of the stouffer’s lean cuiseans and healthy choice meals also have the weight watchers points on the boxes as well. I’m not a huge fan of smart ones… but lean cuisean has a much larger variety to coose from I think….

I live in a small town and our grocery store is very good about getting requests and fulfilling them! I have requested lots of stuff….they will order it and see if it sells if it does well they add it to the regular order. I have gotten them to order the Fiber One yogurts and the La Tortillas…both of which have been huge sellers. Find a manager and ask for more variety if you don’t have it. Our Walmart is great in town too with variety and WW stuff….but it isn’t a Super Walmart so they don’t have a ton…Karen