What Sort Of Exercise Is Good For Weight Watchers

ExerciseI’m just curious what exercise routines you find are most effective with Weight Watchers. I started P90X again and do some Wii Fit (mostly because it’s my only scale). Anything in particular you would recommend?


If you’re using the Wii, try EASports Active 2. It’s a MUCH better, more intense workout than the Wii Fit. I’ve been doing it for two weeks on the medium intensity and I love it.

Just be consistent. 30+ mins of exercise most days of the week :)

I agree. I am half way though the 90 day program and I LOVE it. It’s the first time I have stuck with an exorcise program for more then a week. ( But honestly I think Weight Watchers has a lot to do with it too). I also have a yoga DVD that I do on my “rest” days from EA Active and I teach water aerobics twice a week. Plus I try to walk with my kids now that it is getting nicer, mostly I just love seeing the activity points go up.