Which Is Better WW Meetings Or Online?

which is betterI just signed up today and I’m just wondering is it better to go to the meetings or just to stick to the online stuff?


I really like the online stuff and feels it helps but I defiantly think the meeting are a BIG help.

I love going to the meetings.

You get to meet a lot of new people. And you learn about recipe’s and other people’s experience.

You’ll find out that I’m a big proponent of attending meetings. It’s the best way to work the program. You have a leader, who is paid by Weight Watchers and qualified to answer your questions. You’ll meet others who have similar issues with food and can share ideas and wisdom from the weight loss journey. Studies show that meetings really work, too! Those who attend meetings lose about 3 times as much as those who don’t, and they’re more likely to keep it off, too.


The meetings keep me in check but online helps me stay with it every day.. I can go on at work and log my stuff it keeps ME focused!

I do both. I really like and personally NEED to go to the meetings because they give me that extra little kick in the but I need sometime and it motivates me to know that other people are going through the same thing I am. I also like the online because I like the recipes and the recipe builder which really helps me out.

I like both. love all the e-tools stuff and the accountability of the in person weight ins. if you purchase a monthly pass you get both meetings and e-tools.