Why Do People Return To Weight Watchers So Often?

Weight-WatchersI’ve noticed through posts on forum etc. that lots of people have been on Weight Watchers before and are back on it again. Anyone have any idea why you/they need to get back on the program. Is it because you/they strayed from the ideas of WW? I’m just worried. I know it is an idea not a diet but I do get so tired of trying to plan and count and think. I just wish I could relax and eat and enjoy food.


I have been there with being so tired of counting points that I have taken a week off here and there. I have been on WWs for almost 7 months now and now I just know or at least have a really good idea of how many points a food has and its much easier now. And what else has helped is I have found healthier options to food I already loved. It makes things much easier and more enjoyable.

I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you BUT I wish I could just relax and eat and enjoy food too! Hang in there. I know for me I am here and doing WW because when I just relax and enjoy food I’m enjoying all the wrong kinds of food and far too much of it. So I’m trying to learn how to eat balanced and healthy meals and control my portion sizes. I don’t know when it will all click and I won’t have to think about counting so much and staying within my points. I’m hoping I will just start to know how to eat healthy and will have the willpower to actually DO IT all the time. Don’t you sometimes feel like it is as much a mental transformation as physical? I sure do!

I think that people come back to Weight Watchers because they know it works. I have been a lifetime member since 2006, but I have had to get back on track two times due to having my kids. I do take breaks from being one track, but I also go back because I know it works. My husband does it with me and does not like when we get off track. It is nice to have the support. As my leader always says “it tastes better to be thin”.

This is my 3rd time on program.

1st time I lost 68 lbs but needed to lose about 15 to goal weight and I got preggers so I had to stop then I went on program and lost about 25 lbs and we moved and I thought “I could do it on my own”. Well, now I am back and only have 1.6 lbs to goal wght so THIS time I WILL make it and be a lifetime member. I think the biggest mistake a lot of people make (including me) is that once you lose the weight you can go back to how you used to eat….NOT SO! Hate to break it to you, but you will have to count for the rest of your life, it is a change of life not a quick fix! Hope that helps.

The program has changed a lot over time and is much easier now than ever.

I first joined nearly 25 years ago, in high school, long before the points system. It was MUCH harder then! Also, many women go back after having kids. You aren’t allowed to attend meetings during pregnancy, so many stop and then continue on after giving birth.

I’m on my 3rd time.

I left the first time because my thyroid was low and I needed to get that straightened out. I left the second time because I couldn’t fit meetings into my schedule. Now I’m back having gained it all back after leaving. But I’m finding it much easier to stay on program this time and fit my life into my diet and my diet into my life. It’s just become easier and easier the longer I’m on. Perseverance is half the battle.

I am a lifetime member and have had to go back because I wasn’t watching portions and eating too much. Now I have to lose baby weight.