Why Does Frozen Pizza Have To Cost So Many Points?

frozen-pizzaI am trying to save some time and dishes since we have to head to WI for a wedding this weekend, so we had pizza.  18.5 points for 2 servings ARGH!  Thankfully I have all my weekly extra points plus activity points but still.


I know how you feel. I just started the program and I want my pizza too. But what I think the reason for such high points is because of all the crap they put in it to keep it fresh. It seems to me that Fresh pizza from Round table or Me N eds use less points because they make it right then and there. I would say if your gonna go for the pizza, get real pizza. If you have a CT pizza in your town, try a personal pizza, Its only like £5 depending how much toppings you want and its like 2 mid size slices in one, so your looking about 10 to 14 points depending on toppings.

Maybe you can make frozen pizza for the family and a Weight Watchers or Lean cuisine for yourself. If they are too expensive, stock up when on sale. For a lower point option, get cheese and veggie only on your pizza. The high points are what they are. I get in trouble when I get upset about it, like it can change. I do better if I accept what is and look for healty choices. If I am going to make this work, I have to do that!

I think the Weight Watchers pizza is less points

try lean cuisine paninis. kinda like pizza but so good and only 6 pts.

This is not exactly regarding pizza, but I just wanted to mention to the poster above who said the high points are just what they are, and you get in trouble when you get upset about it, that just really clicked for me! I am the same way. I get upset and then pouty and then give up and go back to my old ways, and so much of losing weight is acceptance. Like I have 2 sisters that could eat everything in the world and not gain an ounce, and I can think really hard about food and put on pounds! That was just a light bulb moment for me and I appreciate it. The things you learn……