Zero Point Bread

breadI found zero point bread at the store today. I’m glad I found it, but I almost feel guilty eating it and not counting it. So would you count it at 0 or after a certain amount count it? I read somewhere to only eat 5 zero point foods a day. treat this like that?


I’m not sure how you would treat it, but I need to know where you found it, who makes it and does it taste good? I love me some bread.

I’m thinking eating to much bread would be a bad ideal.

Maybe only 2 slices a day would be good. Is it still 0 points for 2 slices?

Let’s hear some more details zero point bread sounds like heaven to me! I like Sara Lee Delightfully bread and at 1 point for 2 slices I think that is great.

As far as your question multiple servings does not still equal 0. Figure out how much each serving is then if you have 2 servings you need to figure out how many points are in 2 servings (it is NOT always double). Double the calories, fat and fibre and re-figure but obviously your slider only allows for you to go up to 4 grams of fibre, that gives you the answer to your double serving question.

It is “Natures Own” Double fibre wheat bread.

I like wheat bread already so this bread tastes just fine to me!! I had been eating rye bread cause the kind I was buying was only 1 point per slice. Hope your store carries it. Guess you have to watch the 0 point foods cause they can trip you up some!! Thanks for your input!

Serving size is one slice

  • 50 calories
  • 0.5 g fat
  • 5 g fibre

I get what you mean about more than one serving. So basically 2 slices should = 1 point.
Still not bad!

Well that’s like the Weight Watchers bread 2 slices is 1 point even the pita breads are 1 pt each.

I like pepperidge farm 9 grain lo cal bread 2 slices=1 pt.

laura lynn (ingles brand) light wheat bread is 0 points for one piece and 1 point for 2 pieces

Thanks for the heads up on 0 point bread!

The sarah lee delightful bread is pretty good. I also like the wonder light bread and it comes in white if you don’t like wheat. if you happen to have a wonder/hostess outlet store near you, you can get it for less than 1/2 the price at the stores!

I eat that same bread- Nature’s Own Double Fibre bread and if you eat 2 slices it’s 1 point.